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Our Goal is to Satisfy Our Customer 100%

After all, it is the satisfaction of our customers that makes A Touch of Nature so successful. We look forward to meeting you soon. Feel free to contact us today at +1 (801) 808-5303 or click here to mail us.


Phil McMillan — A Touch of Nature, Inc.

Welcome to A Touch of Nature

Established in 2000 as a Landscape Contractor, A Touch of Nature, Inc. has continued in the Landscape industry for the past ten years in maintaining the highest standard of workmanship. We specialize in construction of waterfalls, streams, and pond-less waterfalls.

We Maintain

Services ranging from Pond Cleaning and Yearly Startups to Rebuilds, Repairs and more.

We Build

Custom Design and Construction of Water Features and Rock Work for any property type.

We Design

Some of the finest in custom designed Water Features, Rock Work and much more.

Products & Services

  • Custom Design & Construction
  • Cleanings & Yearly Startups
  • Maintenance
  • Rebuilds & Changes
  • Repairs
  • Concrete Pond Repair
  • Supplies
  • Rock Work
  • Rock Walls & Walk Ways

We also supply the material for the do-it-yourself pond builders. A Touch of Nature provides cleanings, maintenance and service for existing ponds. We also do any type of rock work, including rock walls and rock placement. No job is too big, too small, or too far away. We are willing to travel anywhere. All estimates are free. A Touch of Nature has never failed to complete a job.We are licensed and insured.

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Design & Construction of Custom Water Features & Rock Work for Any Property

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A Touch of Nature specializes in rock and water features, such as ponds, waterfalls, rock walls and walk ways. Read more about other products and services ranging from design and construction, cleanings and yearly startups, maintenance, rebuilds and changes, repairs, concrete pond repairs, supplies, to rock work rock walls and walk ways.


We specialize in designing and building the finest and most creative custom waterfalls, streams, ponds, water gardens and disappearing water features for any property situation. We will come out to your home for a free estimate. We will visit with you and get to know your lifestyle and personality so we can create a custom water feature just for you. We will offer advice and suggestions, answer any questions that you may have. We will give you our referral list so you may contact anyone of our previous customers. We also encourage you to go see some of the water features that we have created so you may get some ideas of what you would like for yours. After we have completed building your beautiful and unique water feature, we will educate you on how to maintain your water feature. Should you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to return and meet with you at no additional charge or you concerns may be answered over the phone. We guarantee our workmanship for a year.


We are Utah’s leading pond cleaner. We can get rid of unwanted algae, pond sludge and cloudy water. We do the job cleaner and better than anyone else. We also have algae treatments that we can add to decrease the algae growth that is not harmful to the plants or fish. Also for the customers that want to turn off the water feature for the winter, we also can shut them down and start them up in the spring.


We do decorative rock work such as rock walls, flagstone patios and pathways. We can supply rock bridges for your pond. We have access to all types and sizes of rocks for your needs. For the do-it-yourself person, we can deliver the rock to you also.


We carry many service and maintenance contracts varying from weekly to monthly. All contracts include yearly cleaning, algae treatments, filter cleaning, plants, fish, & lighting replacement.


We can fix or change any pond situation by enlarging or adding a stream, waterfall, or new and improved filtration system.


We also lead the way on the repair end of the spectrum. We can fix leaks in liners, pipes, etc. We install pumps, filters, skimmers, plumbing, submersible lighting and automatic water leveling valves.


As Utah’s leader in water feature repair, we are the only company that can now successfully fix concrete ponds and pools.


We supply all the necessary material for the do-it-yourself builder. We carry pumps, filters, skimmers, plumbing, submersible lighting, liner, geo, automatic water leveling valves, fish, plant, and algae treatment. We offer free delivery. We can also deliver any rock material including gravel and rock bridges.


We also do decorative rock work such as rock walls, flagstone patios and pathways. We also supply rock bridges for your pond.