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Salt Lake City’s high altitude means you’re more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays – even when you’re indoors. Whether at home or work, ultraviolet (UV) rays can sneak through untreated windows, putting you at risk of skin damage and your belongings at risk of discoloration and fading.

Arizona Tint comes to the rescue with industry-leading LLumar® and Vista™ window tint solutions. Over the past 27 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the highest level of service to customers across the Salt Lake City and Wasatch Front areas, including Brigham City, Draper and Provo. Not only that, all of our window film installations are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, plus our own 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Our Complete Lineup of Window Tint Services


Protect your home against irritating glare, temperature fluctuations and high energy bills – at a fraction of the cost of expensive window replacement!


Cut your company’s energy costs by up to 40% while boosting your employees’ and tenants’ comfort with LLumar and Vista window film.


Provide an extra level of defense against break-ins, theft, natural disasters, accidents, and storms, which have the potential to cause serious damage to your business or home.


Bring any room in your facility or home to brilliant, beautiful life with customized window treatment options.


If you work in the design, decorating or architectural fields, you know that every little detail can make a huge difference. Natural light lets your designs and details shine even brighter, but too much of it can damage your materials at an alarmingly quick rate. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, from high-rise buildings to high-end homes, there’s a window film that’s perfectly suited for even your most particular clients’ needs. Whether you’re trying to create a specific aesthetic, improve comfort and security or save energy, impress your clients by finding the perfect window film solution to a detail they hadn’t even considered.

 Ensure your comfort, protection and peace of mind with quality window film from LLumar and Vista.Contact Arizona Tint in Salt Lake City today for more information on our window tinting products and to receive your free window tint estimate.