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Why invest in 3D SPI, AOI, X-Ray and Stencil Cleaners...The circuit board assembly industry is becoming more competitive, while board configurations are becoming more complex and component sizes are decreasing. Investing in 3D SPI, AOI, X-Ray and Stencil Cleaning will allow you to control and monitor both your solder paste printing process and component placement process more closely, thereby decreasing the amount of re-work...resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability.

LaserVision SP3Dm

Affordable 3D SPI



VisionPro M Series

Best in Class 3D SPI

SP3D | M500 


VisionPro AP Series

Fully Automated 3D SPI

AP212 | AP500 | AP-XT

VisionPro HSi

High Speed Offline SPI

LineMaster Fusion

Dual Mode AOI - SPI

LineMaster Fusion 3D

Inline 3D SPI

Value Packed aoi

Large Board aoi

Dual Mode aoi – spi

digital video inspection