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100% Ethically Sourced Handcrafted Bamboo Vertical Gardening Towers

Elegant Beauty

The natural wood grain of bamboo adds beauty and elegance to any outdoor or indoor setting and enhances any surrounding.

Exceptional Build Quality

Our products are hand crafted and designed to optimize the quality and quantity produced when using our growing systems.

Environmentally Friendly

We use only all natural renewable products found in Eco friendly regions because we care about nature and your health.

Innovation & Design

Hydroponic gardening has gained momentum, but we have taken it to another level by creating an innovative design, using “all natural” products.

Residential Gardening Systems

Now you can grow delicious, nontoxic, fresh fruits and vegetables right from your spare room, patio or backyard greenhouse without shoveling, hard labor or dirt under your fingernails!

Elegant, Tranquil & Effective

Growing our own food is a natural human instinct. Today more than ever we have a strong need to get back to nature and to heal our bodies from the inside out with fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables. Let’s face it; gardening can be hard work, and very few of us have the time, space or climate needed to grow enough food to feed ourselves. Enter BooGardens – handcrafted residential vertical gardening systems!

Whether you live in the city, have a small backyard or a cold climate, our handcrafted residential BooGardens now make it easy to grow large amounts of food in a very small space using 100% sustainably sourced materials. Whether you simply want to grow some fresh herbs in your window or replace trips to the grocery store, our residential systems can suit your needs.

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Part of The Solution

With the current state of our planet, we at NaturePonics are not willing to be a part of anything other than solutions! The lack of availability of natural, & sustainable materials in the vertical gardening industry, is the exact reason that BooGardens came to be.


HydroPonics & AquaPonics

BooGardens are designed for growing something as simple as fresh herbs in your Kitchen window, all the way to raising fish and vegetables in a closed loop eco system called aquaponics. Both use water rather than soil to grow your plants.

Save Time And Money

With your BooGardens you can grow healthy beyond organic foods, without having to drive to the store and purchase foods laced with chemicals and pesticides. If you already shop for organic foods, your BooGardens system will pay your itself over and over again.

Growing In Harmony With Nature

BooGardens are the only natural solution to vertical hydro gardening. The last thing we need is toxic chemicals in our foods, you can see, feel, and hear the natural beauty of your BooGardens, making your gardening experience simple and pleasurable.

Commercial Gardening Solutions

The World’s First and only Commercial Bamboo Vertical AquaPonics and HydroPonics Systems.

Bringing Natural Materials + Innovation to Commercial Vertical Gardening

Our Commercial Aqua-Ponics systems are simple to operate yet lead the way in design and innovation in the emerging vertical gardening industry. Our bamboo systems deliver the highest yields per square foot while using 95% less water than conventional agriculture.

Our commercial HydroPonics systems are a one of a kind, using all 100% naturally derived materials including bamboo towers and natural clay pots for the water chambers. Our growing towers are perfect for restaurants looking to grow their own food in house and have ample patio or rooftop space. Whatever your commercial growing needs are, we can design a system and consult with you and your clients to deliver optimal results.

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Gold Of The Future

As people look to invest their money, or to start a business, there are the usual culprits IE. Stock Market, Real Estate, Gold, Internet etc. When you run the numbers on growing your own food for your restaurant, or growing beyond organic foods for local markets, and restaurants,etc. You will be astounded! Get An Estimate Today!

The Future of Farming

Vertical Hydro/AquaPonics Gardening is the future of farming. It uses 95% less water than conventional gardening, up to 90% less nutrients than conventional gardening, growth cycles up to 50% faster than conventional farming. Yields per square acre/foot are staggering in comparison to conventional gardening. And the list goes on!

Charting New Paths

Our Commercial AquaPonics system is a one of a kind. We combine ebb and flow grow beds, filled with natural mineral rich lava rock, for root vegetables, combined with our 8′ bamboo grow towers for non root vegetables. Our yields and profits per square foot are unmatched.

Close Loop Systems

Our AquaPonics Systems incorporate Vermaculture or “worms”, which is like adding octane to your ecosystem, they live and thrive through out the entire system. By also growing duck weed, as well as raising the right insects to feed the fish, the whole system is self sustaining.


BooGardens: Indoor & Outdoor Vertical Growing Made Easy, Beautiful & Sustainable!

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