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Lambson Plumbing and Heating offers a wide range of services for any plumbing and heating needs.
  • Plumbing Repairs and Fixtures Installations
  • Water Service Replacements & Copper Piping
  • Hydronic Heating (Water Heater) Installation and Repair
  • Drain Cleaning Service and Remodel
  • Sewer Diagnostic
  • Water Softener Systems
  • Residential and Commercial Plumbing Projects
  • One Year Warranty on products and services
  • Cost Effective Maintenance Agreements

Water Heaters

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Rheem Water Heating Solutions

With Rheem water heaters 88 year history, a consistent track recording of receiving top ratings and awards for our products, and the honor of being the best-selling brand of water heaters in America, we are certain you will be satisfied with whichever Rheem Water Heater you choose for your family’s needs. Rheem and Lambson Plumbing is committed to developing hot water solutions with the perfect balance of value, performance and features for every lifestyle and budget.

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Bradford White Water Heating Solutions

With Bradford White’s long and successful history dating back to 1881, they are one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heating, space heating, combination heating and water storage products in the world! Bradford White products are built to the highest quality and highest performance and combined with Lambson Plumbings expertise, you just can’t go wrong.

Snow Melt Drive Ways

Heated driveways are actually radiant floor systems, which can be installed both indoors and out. For outdoor use, radiant floor systems are quite beneficial to those who live in snowy climates, as they function as a snow-melting system, virtually eliminating the need for physical snow removal. When temperatures drop, heated water and antifreeze are pumped into the tubing, melting any snow that collects on your driveway.


Plumbing is the trade of working with pipes for water, drainage and natural gas. Utility consisting of the pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas in a building and for the disposal of sewage.

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

Plumbing Repair and Maintenance is fixing any sort of mechanical or electrical device should it get out of order or broken (repair) as well as performing the routine actions which keep the device in working order (maintenance) or prevent trouble from arising (preventive maintenance).

Water Softeners

In plumbing, a device for eliminating from domestic water supplies any mineral which tends to make soap valueless as a cleanser. These water softeners come in various sizes and shapes to fit your household needs.

Water Softener Repair

Water softener repair is locating the initial problem of the softener then servicing any issues the water softener has. Trust a local contractor to run a diagnostic on the water softener for best results.

Drain Cleaning

If a liquid drain cleaner doesn’t take care of the clog, physical drain cleaning is usually the only way to get rid of the clog. For clogged sinks, you should try cleaning the trap and feeding a coat hanger down the pipe that way. Covering the overflow valve for sink drains can help build pressure and may help bust through the clog.

If this doesn’t work, a power auger that can more effectively cut through the clog will be needed. This machine should only be used by people who have some basic plumbing knowledge to avoid further harm to your draining system. Pipes aren’t indestructible, the wisest and even the most frugal course of action is to contact a licensed plumber.


In steam heating systems, a boiler heats water by means of a gas or oil-fired burner and turns it into steam. The steam travels through pipes to radiators or convectors, which give off heat and warm the room. As the steam cools, it condenses back into water, and returns to the boiler to be heated again. Hot water heating systems operate on the same principle, using hot water instead of steam to heat the radiators.

Hot Water Heating

There are several ways to provide hot water to your home. Like most home installations, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The variables are many including the size of your home, your water heating needs, pre-existing home heating installations, and other regional differences such as local fuel prices. Even this list of hot water tanks and water heating systems is far from exhaustive. Solar hot water tanks, for example, can be a great home addition for many homeowners in selective areas. The best idea is to talk to a hot water contractor about the best available options for you.

Custom Home Heating

Custom Home Heating is heating specific to what you want in your home as follows there are three types to choose from: Radiant Floor Heat, electric radiant floors, and electric radiant floors hydronic heating. Contact your local Plumbing and heating specialist to help with those choices.

Hydronic Heating

There are three types of radiant floor heat: radiant air floors (air is the heat-carrying medium); electric radiant floors; and hot water (hydronic) radiant floors. All three types can be further subdivided by the type of installation: those that make use of the large thermal mass of a concrete slab floor or lightweight concrete over a wooden subfloor (these are called “wet installations”); and those in which the installer “sandwiches” the radiant floor tubing between two layers of plywood or attaches the tubing under the finished floor or subfloor (“dry installations”).

Commercial Plumbing

Salt Lake City and Park City cater to commercial companies by offering the same great quality service as residential clients. We have a variety of services: Water Heaters & Boilers, Water Tempering, Backflow Device Testing & Installation, Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements, Trenchless Pipe Replacement, Faucets & Fixtures, Drain Stoppages, Gas Line Installation & Repair, Grease & Other Interceptor Installation, Pump Repair & Installation to name a few. Contact your local Commercial Plumber today.