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about this place…
At Dan the Man Plumbing, Inc. our core values are Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Quality Minded Service, and Consideration for all we serve.
Our Motto is “We’re Here to Serve You!” and our mission statement is as follows:

Dan the Man Plumbing, Inc. will provide a quality service, in a timely manner, using a considerate approach to all our customers needs. We will listen carefully by responding to our customers with an honest estimate of the work to be performed.

Our technician will use integrity while working in your home or place of business, and provide you with a reliable service, always keeping in consideration that our customers are our best asset! With out you we wouldn’t be here!

Dan the Man Plumbing, Inc. is located in Sandy, Utah. We service all of the Salt Lake County and surrounding cities and counties

Dan Merrill, is a resident of Sandy, Utah owns and operates “Dan the Man Plumbing, Inc.” Dan has been in the Plumbing industry since the early 90’s. He has more than 14 years of experience in the plumbing industry.

Dan is also a Certified Backflow Technician, with a classification level II. He is certified and licensed through the Utah Cross Connection Control Program of Utah, and the A.B.P.A. (American Backflow Prevention Association). Dan is more than qualified and very capable of testing and repairing backflow assemblies.

With over 1,000 tests that have been performed by him, he also has extensive experience in repairing the assemblies for commercial and residential customers.

Dan Merrill’s qualifications are, but not limited to a Plumbing Contractor’s License, and Journeyman Plumbing License, both received from the Utah Division of Occupational Professional Licensing Board. His third certification is the Utah Backflow Technician license classification level II.

Dan the Man Plumbing, Inc. specializes in handling all your plumbing needs with a strong emphasis on quality and professionalism. We are concerned with the cleanliness of your home, as well as being around your family. We will always present a clean image and a well groomed technician.

At Dan the Man Plumbing, Inc. we look forward to serving our customers, and we consider it a pleasure doing business with you!